5-Minute Monster Drawings

New reward! We love our backers and want to make sure everyone gets a taste of our monsters!

That’s why we’ve just opened our $10 reward level: for $10 you get a 5-minute digital monster drawing from illustrators Jess Smart Smiley and Julia Green.

Thanks for joining Tattoo Club and being a part of the Monster Pack! Enjoy new roller skating video below, and be sure to keep spreading the news about our project. Just 15 days to go!

TWEET! $10 monster drawings from @jess_smiley and @juliagreenart!http://kck.st/N60Bfs


About Jess Smart Smiley

Jess Smart Smiley makes rad pictures with his bare hands. He has written and illustrated 13 books, including "Upside Down: A Vampire Tale" (Top Shelf Productions, 2012), an all-ages graphic novel; and "Rumpus on the Run: A Monster-Look-n-Find Book". Jess is currently writing his first novel, "Jack Tinn and the Aquanauts", an epic fantasy adventure for young adults. See more of Jess's work at http://www.Jess-Smiley.com
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